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The studio supports the efforts and initiatives of the following resources:

  • The Los Angeles Conservancy
  • The County of Los Angeles Public Library
  • The MAK Center
  • Edible Gardens Los Angeles
  • Sci-Arc
  • The Plastic Pollution Coalition

Studio Shamshiri is a multidisciplinary firm that approaches design as a holistic exercise driven by human experience, compelling narratives, and a belief in the profound power of beauty—style and substance working in tandem to nurture a well-lived life. The studio is intensely collaborative, drawing upon the expertise of myriad interior designers, architects, landscape designers, artisans, and craftspeople. We draw inspiration from the past to create environments uniquely attuned to the rhythms and rituals of contemporary life, spaces that nourish the mind, body, and soul. We dive deep into archival research, applying traditional building methods and local craft traditions to new construction and furnishings. We believe that collecting quality vintage pieces is the noblest form of recycling. At the same time, we are dedicated to supporting the work of contemporary artists and artisans through bespoke commissions unique to each project.

The studio is deeply conscious about what it puts into the world, and we consider health and wellness as essential components of any design conversation. We strive to source all-natural, non-toxic materials, and to avoid synthetics whenever possible. We are committed to design that sustains our families and our planet. We believe that doing good and looking good are part of the same equation.