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Pamela and Ramin Shamshiri founded Los Angeles-based Studio Shamshiri in 2016. With deep backgrounds in production, art direction, and set design, the brother-sister team oversees a broad range of residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, both domestic and international. The studio’s portfolio includes restoration work for homes designed by iconic architects such as A. Quincy Jones, Stanford White, Nigel Coates, Rudolph Schindler, Myron Hunt, and Buff & Hensman, as well as ground-up projects with notable contemporaries including Marmol Radziner and Johnston Marklee. Outside the residential arena, the studio has completed signature boutiques for L.A. tastemakers Irene Neuwirth and Sonia Boyajian, as well as the Maison de la Luz hotel in New Orleans.

Prior to opening their firm, Pamela and Ramin were two of the founding partners at Commune, where they received a National Design Award from the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum for their body of work completed from 2004 to 2015. Studio Shamshiri is located in the Thomson Building, a historic 1920s Hollywood landmark restored by the Shamshiri team in 2017.



Design Principal


Managing Principal
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321997-6542-004-005 001

Mia Williams

Purchasing Coordinator
321997-6572-006 001

Taska Cleveland

Artistic Director
321997-6573-001-002 001

Jeff Trachtman

Senior Director, Interiors
321997-6548-009 001

Angeline Tong

Chief Financial Officer
321997-6570-012 001

Jessica Jimenez Keenan

Director of Integrated Design
321997-6552-004 001

Andrew Post

Senior Designer, Interiors
321997-6575-017 001

Marisa De Montreuil

Director of Hospitality
321997-6549-004 001

Kelsey Sundberg

Senior Designer, Interiors
321997-6547-018 001

Arnaud Grumel

Director of Architecture
321997-6550-003 001

Caitly Balthazar

Designer, Interiors
321997-6557-001 001

Fernanda Tarr

Senior Director, Architecture
321997-6559-016 001

Joyce Contreras

Staff Accountant
321997-6553-007 001

Victoria Porter

Designer, Interiors
321997-6566-001 001

Gilda Hariri

Junior Designer, Architecture
321997-6546-014-015 001

Erin Galpern

Senior Designer, Interiors
321997-6579-001-002 002

Joseph Saccomanno

Artistic Director
321997-6545-012 001

Gabby Gertel

Designer, Architecture
321997-6577-008 001

Sophie Seiden

Designer, Interiors
321997-6567-009 001

James Burkhammer

Director of Operations
321997-6538-009 001

Lauren Feiner

Senior Designer, Interiors
321997-6563-006 001

Katherine Tabor

Designer, Interiors
321997-6563-010 001

Zach Barr

Senior Designer, Architecture
321997-6565-001 001

Heather Colby

Junior Designer, Interiors
321997-6533-018 001

Lisa Tarlow-Thurnauer

Designer, Interiors
321997-6574-010-011 001

Linette Chang

Senior Designer, Architecture
321997-6556-018 001

Eugene Ong

Designer, Interiors
321997-6555-012 001

Justin Kennedy

Junior Designer, Interiors
321997-6551-009 001

Sophia Signorelli

Executive Assistant to the Design Principal
Renee Gutierrez

Renée Gutiérrez

Designer, Architecture

Eric Barr

Designer, Architecture

Katherine Adams

Junior Designer, Interiors

Angie Han

Senior Designer, Architecture

Diana Barkhoudarian

Junior Designer, Interiors

Judy Kim

Designer, Architecture

Sharon Lancaster

Designer, Interiors

Hiroshi Kineko

Senior Designer, Architecture

Adrienne Meyers

Jr. Designer, Interiors

Anamaria Perez

Senior Designer, Interiors

Gabriela Zappi

Rendering Artist, Architecture