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Northern California

This romantic San Francisco town house, bathed in pale pinks and gossamer blues, belongs to an adventurous couple who live not far outside the city. Based on conversations with them, the fanciful conceit for our design was that this is a place where the husband comes to visit his wife in her private lair. As such, the décor falls decidedly on the feminine side. Vive la difference, vive l’amour!

Shamshiri_Filbert_SKJ_02 Shamshiri_Filbert_SKJ_03

Diaphanous curtains soften the edges of the dramatic, double-height living room. Cozy sofas and chairs with gentle, sinuous curves pinwheel around a seriously seductive mirrored coffee table that reflects the colors and patterns of the seating fabrics.

Shamshiri_Filbert_SKJ_08 Shamshiri_Filbert_SKJ_04

The owners are serious chefs, so the kitchen is designed as much for practical efficiency as for beauty. Open shelving highlights their collections of serving ware and tabletop pieces while keeping them handy.

Shamshiri_Filbert_SKJ_12 Shamshiri_Filbert_SKJ_11

The decorative ensembles are calm and uncluttered so as not to inhibit the free flow of space and ample natural illumination that pours in through banks of windows. The light sets the mood.


A home should read like a three-dimensional biography of the people who live within, reflecting their individual spirit, dreams, and desires.